Member’s Area Information

Yoga is a space for healing…
Yoga Membership allows you to do this any time

The important stuff:
❤️ You are your best guide! When you have a list of on-demand (recorded) yoga classes at your finger tips you can choose which one best fits in that moment with literally 100s to choose from!
❤️ Access to the membership area is £50 for one month and includes attending all live online classes (if you want)

❤️ If a picture is worth a thousand words is a moving picture worth ten thousand?…here’s what the new member’s area looks like!

Here are some facts:

❤️ Your healing enables you to live fully

❤️ This world needs you at your fullest

❤️  Yoga reduces your heart rate & calms the busy mind

❤️ Give yourself the gift of Yoga for healing your mind & body

The best medicine is preventative medicine.