1:1 Yoga Classes

Great for physical pain or issues – back pain, sciatica + more. Perhaps you’ve been signed off by a physio or doctor but aren’t sure you’re ready for a public group class.

Here are some facts about you:

❤️ Your healing enables you to live fully.
❤️ This world needs you at your fullest!
❤️ You deserve to live your best life that is pain free.

So lets get started!

Step 1: Tell me what’s bothering you by filling out this form

Step 2: Let’s have a FREE consultation to see how I can help you

Step 3: Start your 1:1 journey to healing!

How do the sessions work?

They can be online or in person.

They are 1:1. It’s just me and you and your issue whether that’s mind, body or soul!

After our consultation I’ll make a bespoke plan and a suggestion for how many sessions. Certain things might only need one session. I can also include a plan you can follow on your own – if that is something you are looking for.

The sessions are set up like Yoga Classes and last around 60 minutes.


£50 / class

Discounts available for booking a set of classes and NHS employees.

Looking for more reasons to work with me?

Some yoga teachers you meet just click. They know their stuff, they have lots of experience that has equalled out into knowledge. They put in the effort and everyone can tell.

I regularly spend 4 or more hours planned just one yoga class. I do research on the topic, I write the plan and I DO the plan. I look not only at Yoga resources but medical articles and published papers. If there is something I don’t know I will tell you and then I will make a point to know for next time!

I’ve worked with people in groups and privately on…