About me…

I’m a Holistic Health Coach & Senior Yoga Teacher

I help you cultivate balance, mind, body and soul for physical healing

My Yoga classes are anatomy focused and help you get to know the amazing temple that is your body. My coaching empowers you to find the perfect balance in your life!

“Life is a balance between body, mind and soul.”

I love working with people who find joy in learning about themselves, through movement and introspection…

I’m an international yoga teacher with over 4000 hours of in class teaching experience. I have years of experience teaching young adults and adults in private and group settings, including large groups of 30 people. I have been teaching virtual classes online via Zoom since April 2020 and used the time since then to constantly improve the video, sound and interactive quality of my classes. The classes I teach are small, with less than 15 students and I hope to keep them this way. I enjoy connecting with my students on whatever level they feel comfortable and I’m happy to say some of my students have become my friends.

I learned over the years that the body needs more than just movement. That is where my health coaching came in, I’ve been helping people with their issues for years and recently labelled myself a Holistic Health Coach. I use my knowledge of human Anatomy / Aromatherapy / Acupressure / Supplements / Meditation / Yoga / Yoga Nidra / Breathing Techniques and life experiences to guide my clients down a path to a more balance life.

Please note I can help guide you down a path to a healthy lifestyle and can help with certain illnesses but I am not a qualified health professional and you should always check with your doctor before taking part in any classes if you have any health concerns or conditions. I also require that you tell me your current state of health prior to attending yoga classes or coaching sessions.

Through a good balance of healthy eating habits, meditation, spiritual practice and the physical practice you can find personal healing and growth for positive mental health habits leading to a happy body and mind.


In class teaching hours

10+ Years

Personal Yoga Practice


First Aid Certified

Fully Insured

Yoga Alliance Accredited: Senior Yoga Teacher

Disclosure and Barring Service Certified

Here’s a recent conversation I had with a corporate client…

Them: We are planning to run our annual Reconnect Week [here next week] if you wanted to plan a themed yoga session for that week! You always have great ideas for our campaign weeks so I thought it would be a great to see what you come up with. Something around ‘reconnecting to yourself’ would fit in really well, I think.

Me: Reconnect Week sounds lovely! I have two ideas for a theme:

1) There is a yoga philosophy called Svadhyaya which translates as self study – Using the time to get to know yourself better, and practice inwardly seeking answers, fulfilment and approval. The class itself is punctuated with introspective questions to help you look inward.

2) There is a yoga philosophy referred to as the Koshas – they are visualised as a onion-style map to help you navigate the inner journey. They are:

the Anamaya Kosha – the Physical Body

the Manomaya Koasha – the Mental Body

the Vijnanamaya Kosha – the Wisdom Body

the Anandamaya Kosha – the Bliss Body

The class itself is a step by step process with movement, meditation, testing your wisdom, and relaxation. Which one do you think would fit best with the Reconnect Week vibes you’re going for?

Them: I think both of these ideas sound amazing so if you’d like to do one for Reconnect week next week I think we can always advertise another special themed session for the week after. So, it depends on which you think the best order would be and we’ll advertise accordingly! Sounds exciting!

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