Your Anatomy and Yoga

14 Anatomy Yoga Focus Classes

Discover a more fulfilling practice through understanding the secrets of your body.

I will take you through a step by step journey around the body and mind in an anatomy course like you’ve never seen it.

Anatomy is my passion and I can’t wait to share it with you.

This course is On Demand – which means you can buy all 14 classes and have at it!

Love the sound of this?

Does this sound familiar?

Struggle in some yoga poses?
Wondering if it’s something you should accept as unchangeable or try to push through?
Can you tell the difference between pain and discomfort?
Can you feel the difference between a nerve stretch and a muscle stretch?
Do you know for certain what you do in yoga won’t hurt you?
Wondering why your shavasanas are always so restless?

Get answers to your questions. Keep it relevant, specific and personal. If you’ve always thought private yoga classes would be a great benefit, then this course is for you.

Finish the course knowing why things are the way they are for you and how you can adapt and move to create less pain, more confidence and enjoyment everyday.

Know all the options when practicing and never feel like you’re missing out in class or at home.

Great for…

  • Healing your aches and pains
  • Learning all about YOUR body
  • Gaining lasting knowledge you can use forever
  • Moving in a way to make specific areas of the body heal and feel better!
  • Yoga teachers & budding yoga teachers!

The module details…

Week 1) Brain health
Week 2) Neck and shoulders
Week 3) Upper back and chest
Week 4) Lungs and breathwork
Week 5) Arms and wrists
Week 6) Trunk & abdominals
Week 7) Low back
Week 8) Glutes
Week 9) Hips
Week 10) Inner thighs
Week 11) Knees
Week 12) Feet
Week 13) Nerve flossing
Week 14) Fascia

Budding Yoga Teachers!

I know I have a few yoga teachers and budding yoga teachers in my watching me for things like this!

  • If you’re thinking about going down the route to learn more (and maybe one day do a yoga teacher training) these classes are for you!
  • The knowledge we will cover is INVALUABLE to teaching and helping you understand other people as well as yourself.
  • You never want to give bad advice –  if you want to help someone close to you by sharing how much yoga has given you, these classes will ensure you have the knowledge not to hurt anyone!

Love the sound of this?