Yoga Classes

Further Information about Online Classes

Class styles

Yoga All Levels is all levels of yoga experience and most levels of fitness! Intended to be a class where beginners can safely learn the basics of yoga, while experienced yogis can refine and develop their practice. I aim to offer traditional yoga with its physical and meditative benefits.
Yoga Focus is a lunch time class that is intended to break down a sequence, pose, philosophy or an area of the body and focus on the details. We may then use that in a mini flow or two. If you’re nervous about your practice or want to thoroughly understand the intentions behind yoga asana (poses), this is the class for you as you’ll gain more confidence and understanding about the poses and your body. Everything is always optional.
Yoga for Strength is intended to give your muscles some heat! You’ll probably be a little sore the next day (#sorrynotsorry). The classes work to strengthen the body which can help you find ease in the ‘normal’ yoga class setting.

If you want even more examples of what we can cover in classes check this out!


All classes are open to all levels of fitness but please let me know if you have any health concerns before class (via email for formal conditions / surgery or medication, a quick chat is ok if you’re just achy or for ‘small’ injuries).

How to join a live online class

I will send an email out before each class with the link to the class.

This email may also have in it:

…Props you might want ready for the class
…A Spotify Playlist for music during the class (if appropriate)
…A reminder about health and safety (always let me know about any health conditions!)
…A reminder about how to use Zoom or how to set up if it’s your first time.

Class passes and membership

❤️£50 monthly membership – access to all live online classes and member’s area

❤️£40 for a 10 class pass

❤️£10 drop-in

Class Passes are valid for 2 months from day of purchase, you can request this to start from first use, but the date you want it to start must be stated at the time of purchase! Requesting a recorded class uses one of your classes from your class pass.

The Monthly Membership runs by calendar month.

Payments can be sent via Monzo, Bank Transfer or PayPal

Further Information about In-Person Classes

More info on in person classes can be found on their websites: – Look for Yoga with Kayla – Speak to your reception about booking on

More information on setting up Corporate Yoga Classes…

Can’t remember if your work has set up a corporate membership? Sign up for the emails and feel free to reply if the welcome email doesn’t answer your questions.