9 Actions for an EMPOWERED Life!


A Deep Dive Empowerment Session

Take back control of your life in as little as 90 minutes!

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This inner-work needn’t be…


It can feel…


If you’re here to curate and cultivate a balanced life that is full of joy, good health and that is full up of purpose and motivation then, my dear, you need to come to this workshop!

Here’s why you need this:

You cannot grow or live a fulfilling, impactful life YOUR way, until you have absolute clarity on your uniqueness, the magic that only you bring to this world AND have woven this into the resilient support we tend to call self-care.

It’s the utterly unique, potent mix of your beliefs, values, experiences and priorities that are the key to unlocking a true sense of confidence, motivation, and EMPOWERMENT.

I also believe that figuring out what that looks like is hard to do on our own, we all need to call in the expertise of other, incredible people to help us figure this out. What that support looks like is built around you and designed to overcome the specific blockers you’re facing.

The type of support that takes you from:

Convinced you don’t know how to get yourself out of those downward spirals  >>>>>>> to consistently pulling yourself up and dusting yourself off
Feeling stuck in a life that just doesn’t feel like you >>>>>>> to building a life rooted in your truths, and the power of your story
Feeling like no one is interested in what you have to say >>>>>>> to establishing your confidence so strongly it can survive any situation
Constantly looking outside of you to the latest new trick for happiness  >>>>>>> to building your intuition, with absolute trust in yourself, for what will work to support you through any situation
Overthinking everything you create and every conversation  >>>>>>> to finding peace with your opinion, creations and ease in talking about them
Not being able to truly FEEL the value you bring >>>>>>> to positioning you and your contribution on the same pedestal you’ve placed your heroes

It goes like this:

🖤 We kick things off with a meditation – 5-10 minutes to find a little peace in your day and bring things into focus
🖤 Together, we’ll dive deep to figure out the triggers that start the downward spiral
🖤 Then work to reconnect you to back to yourself. I’ll be here guiding you through this process of adding tools to your self-care kit. (No, not another bubble bath!)

The details (group session):

We work together in a Webinar-style GROUP Zoom call – no video or voice required – for about 60 minutes. This is an interactive session via the chat and a safe space to share your thoughts.

This GROUP Empowerment session will give you at least 9 ACTIONS bespoke to you that will help you change your life!
After the session I encourage you to reach out after a week and let me know HOW the session has (or hasn’t) helped you.
You’ll walk away with a reignited love for your life, motivation to create the balance and the confidence to make the decisions that you need to curate that healthy, happy life you’ve always dreamed of.


£10 Drop In
2 x Class Passes
FREE for Members (including corporate members)

Does a 1:1 sound better?

🌹 In this one off, deep dive session we’ll talk about all the things that make you feel Empowered! If you feel like your life is out of balance with too much time spent on one thing, we’ll talk about what you can do to take back that control. It’s never out of your control!

🌹 We leave at least 90 minutes for this 1:1

🌹 Before the session you are invited to fill out the questionnaire and a short form. This will help us make the most of your time and give you exactly what you need.

🌹 If we have a lot to discuss I recommend a ‘discovery call’ this is free and allows us to delve into your questionnaire answers. If you definitely want this extra time – just say!

🌹 Your Empowerment session will give you at least 9 ACTIONS bespoke to you that will help you change your life!

Not sure if you are you ready for 1:1?