Balance Your Life

It all starts with understanding…

How do you feel about balancing different aspects of your life right now?

Everything is not equally important in life, it is vital to have the right balance for you at this point in your amazing human life. That’s where I come in. Together we’ll cultivate balance in your life to reduce stress and have fun!

Here are just some of the things we could delve into to help you!

Do you lack motivation for personal growth; physically, mentally or emotionally?
Do you have healthy balanced relationships with the people in your life?
Do you have a commitment to your health; nutrition and movement?
Do you feel you have a healthy work life balance? (This includes ‘work’ like being a stay at home mom/dad)
Do you have a healthy relationship with money and finances? (This one’s a kicker!)
Do you feel you are living your life’s purpose and really giving back into the world?

Physical issues caused by being out of balance

Trouble sleeping
High blood pressure
Back pain
Digestive issues
Skin issues +many more!

The Modules We Cover

To find balance in our lives we have to look at how everything is interconnected.

These are the 6 areas of our lives that we need to be in balance to fulfil our souls purpose and create a sense of underlying happiness in our lives.

How the modules work…

Each 4-week module follows the same format:

Week 1: We discover your stress storm and how that may be contributing to any imbalance you feel.

Week 2: We work on your plan – such as your personal growth plan.

Week 3: We use a variation of the EMPOWER formula to empower you to put that plan into action.

Week 4: We use a success strategy to set you up for long term success in this area.

Supporting you on this journey

Each session includes bespoke support just for you. These can be tailored to something that might be bothering you for example: tension headaches, back pain, stress, brain fog, motivation.

The supportive techniques I teach you are:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Acupressure
  • Yoga Mudras
  • Yoga Postures / Movements / Stretches
  • Detoxing guidance
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition

Bonus support included!

  • Contact me with questions or concerns
  • Receive specialised pack for supporting your journey!
  • FREE Yoga! Sign up to 3 or more months of coaching and get FREE access to all my Online Yoga Classes!
  • Sign up for this 6 months of coaching and get the 9 Actions for an EMPOWERED Life Session FREE (if you’ve already been you get that subtracted from the total)

Next stop, investment…

We know coaching isn’t free and money can be a hard topic to talk about (that is why there is a whole module for it!) so I’m here with an open and honest approach.

My prices are…

What people are saying…

“You’ve created a very beautiful program with a great structure for each module & how you take me through a journey in each session. I really enjoyed the grounding exercises, visualisations (very powerful). But you’ve also been very pleasant, warm & welcoming (but also to the point, not beating around the bush). I love how you’ve picked up from my language/words I used to help find the issues deeper. “

~ Indre Green