Yoga for Back Pain Series

A 5-class series

The muscles in the upper back become fatigued when the head is not in alignment with the spine, we want to stack our weight in the bones, in this case the weight of the head into the spine. This misalignment is fine for short periods of time, for instance when we are fixing something or making something, checking the soup etc. This becomes a problem when we try to hold this ‘tech neck’ for hours, from texting and typing, or never take any time to ‘undo’ it.

The muscles in the middle back and chest work to stabilise the organs, spine and help us breath. When we round forward and down we make breathing difficult this causes the body to naturally fall in to shallower and shallower breathing pattern. This can cause sleepiness, brain fog and just generally not feeling very awake or alert.

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Comments from people who I have worked with around back pain:

  • “After just one class my back feels loads better. I didn’t have any pain for days after.”
  • “I’ve started sitting better and more mindful at work, which makes me feel more alert and awake.”
  • “After a few classes, I’m a lot less tired and things generally feel loads better all the time.”
  • “Thank you so much! That nerve I had pinched in my back has completely released!”