FREE Mini Yoga Classes

Please read the Health & Safety information before your practice.

Yoga for Strength – 16 minutes

Yoga for Strength is intended to give your muscles some heat! You’ll probably be a little sore the next day (#sorrynotsorry). The classes work to strengthen the body which can help you find ease in the ‘normal’ yoga class setting.

This specific taster has a full length mental focus, side stretches, core work laying down, boat pose (please use a cushion on the bum if you feel your tail bone pressing into the hard floor) and more+.

Mindfulness Meditation – 7 minutes

Sit comfortably for just 7 minutes and mindfully notice right now and how you feel. Bring your awareness back into your body with this free taster.

Yoga All Levels – 29 minutes

Yoga All Levels is all levels of yoga experience and most levels of fitness! Intended to be a class where beginners can safely learn the basics of yoga alignment and philosophy, while experienced yogis can refine and develop their practice.

This specific taster has a full length mental focus, floor based poses like Cat/Cow, Downward Facing Dog and full body movements standing.

Chair Yoga – 21 minutes

Chair Yoga is an adapted form of yoga that is truly accessible to everyone. Our practice includes seated poses on a chair and standing poses using the chair for balance and support. This is great if you feel like traditional yoga might be too much, if you’re worried about ‘not being fit enough’, or if you just want to get moving in a gentle mindful way.

These classes can be good for recovery but ALWAYS check with your doctor before taking up any exercise, especially after injury or illness, and be sure to inform me before class!

Currently there are three more of these on demand Chair Yoga classes available to purchase for £15.

Loved these taster classes? Come to a full length class sometime!