Autumn Chances Bringing Balance

My thoughts on this time of year…

The scales of balance symbolise the equinoxes. Now day and night are of equal length, as at the spring equinox, but from now on, the dark will be gaining. The colder months of the year are for introspection, for turning inward and noticing. We may spend time weighing up the gains of our year, of our lives, against the losses. We celebrate the gains, for these are not only our substance for the future, but also hold the seeds which will be planted for the next cycle of growth. With losses, we take time to process our feelings, to let them be and sometimes we use these as learning experiences maybe even learning from our mistakes. The Autumn Equinox is all about “preparing the soil” so that we can plant our seeds of growth.

Food, clothing, shelter, love and creativity and so much more are all gifts and we give thanks. Now the harvest is all gathered. Summer’s gifts have been received. We ask our higher selves or higher beings for help to clearly distinguish between chaff and seen in our personal harvest. To recognize what we have or have not. And, as we turn inwards, towards the dark season of winter, may all receive, each according to their need, in fairness.

Autumn Equinox Suggested Actions

  1. Join me today for an hour of gentle yoga wrapped around the Fall Equinox – return to centre with physical twists. It’s going to be super chill and like a nice, comforting hug. If you can’t make it live – get in touch and ask for the recording!
  2. Make a commitment to feed the wild birds, all through the winter. Many once common birds are now endangered species. The number of most types of garden birds have dropped enormously. To feed them is an offering, a giving back to the powers of nature, from our own harvest.