3 Ways to Unlock Your Intuition

1. Actively cultivate balance in your life

Your intuitive system is part of your holistic self, so the more balance you can create in every area of your life—from financial health to mental health—the more reliably your intuition will perform.

Balance is never about doing things perfectly, but rather trying to create healthy stability in your life in any way you have control over right now. If one area of your life is chaotic and you don’t have much control there, control what you can in other areas—like eating a healthy and balanced diet and having a predictable and nourishing daily routine.

Many people don’t realise that the more grounded your earthly life is, the more your intuitive abilities have a foundation – a soil – in which to grow. When you’re feeling grounded and stable, it can help your nervous system settle so you can then acknowledge and notice the smaller more intuitive feelings and vibes you get.

Balance Your Life

2. Practice healthy detachment to stay open and flexible (In Yoga philosophy this is called Aparigraha)

Staying open-minded is a powerful practice and can really enhance your intuition. If you’re not open to an idea (like going to a different University than you planned to or retiring a few years later than you expected), you could get a genuine intuitive hint about it but then discount it because it doesn’t line up with that you thought was what’s best for you—or even what’s possible for you.

Being overly focused on one specific outcome or on holding on to a specific thing can shut down or block out intuition.

Maybe that job you loved has slowly been changing into a job hell “but the money is still good” I hear you say to yourself… I know my dear.

Instead of attaching to a certain time frame, place, person, or method, stay more open and flexible about every aspect of what you’re trying to manifest to get the most out of your “sixth sense”.

The things we really find some healthy attachment to can be our core beliefs or values – for example one of my core values is Growth. I believe that this has influenced me to have a more balanced and flexible approach to life. I believe that I can always grow and learn and that I really can make a difference in the world by making a difference in individual lives.

I have a yoga class at the LAU and after class one of my lovely students told me that I’m the only teacher she has found that helps her with her anxiety issues. My BALANCE of movement and mental focus in nearly every class is just what she needs to move away from anxiety and into peace.

Request a yoga class recording all on Aparigraha

3. Create healthy space from your emotions

While intuition can speak to us via our emotions we must know ourselves really well to be able to tell the difference between an issue we’re working on and intuition.

Example: You may find yourself feeling immediately relaxed around a new person at work or school and in time they may turn out to be a good friend, or you may feel suddenly anxious when making social plans because you need to rest. BUT if you struggle with overthrusting people (yes, this is a real issue) or if you struggle with anxiety in general then these are not your intuition but things you’re working on – habits of mind and body.

Practice observing and witnessing your emotions, including reminding yourself that your emotions aren’t who you really are but rather a temporary feeling you are experiencing—to create healthy space from them.

Instead of denying your emotions, validate and acknowledge them, which can actually help you feel calmer and put your emotions in perspective. In fact last night I had a yoga student laugh-cry during class. It’s ok to feel what you’re feeling on your first day at University! I made the choice to put everyone in a Child’s pose and address the topic of strong emotions for a few deep breaths.

Try this NEW Inner Peace Meditation to quiet a busy mind.


Perhaps that experience is what’s driven me to write this today. To hopefully end with and action – Put one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly and ask yourself how to I feel today and simply observe the answer.

Your personal growth journey has the ability to give you a deeper connection to your intuition but it ALL (always) starts with understanding.