4 Underrated Mental Health Hacks

Forget FOMO – Embrace JOMO

Embracing the Joy Of Missing Out can be as simple as being fully mindful of this moment right now.

What makes this moment special? No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to repeat this moment. The way the sun is shining. The sounds, the temperature, the way you feel. Zoom in on it all & feel this moment fully.

Accept your limits when supporting other people

Say no when you feel like life is too busy. This links back to the FOMO. Let go & embrace how awesome right now is in itself. No need to be somewhere else, doing something else. Pull on your own memories from the past to know your limits. One hour helping friends or family might be ok but four hours might be too much to & leave your feeling exhausted. Remember we’re talking about mental health – this doesn’t have to be physical help, it could look like lending an ear or being a shoulder to cry on.

Use your diet to support your mental health!

This is my favourite but food & mental health can get a bad reputation. I’m NOT talking about eating a whole chocolate cake when you’re feeling down. To support your mental health focus on energy! You want energy, you don’t want to feel the ‘afternoon slump’ so go for lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds & plenty of olive oil. Fresh doesn’t mean raw, it just means it should look like it did when it came from the Earth.

> If you always have a pasta lunch & an hour later feel tired – swap it for protein & see if you have more energy. It might surprise you…

> Eat slowly & mindfully.

> Sip mint, fennel & liquorice herbal infusions for digestion support.

> Add cinnamon to food when you can to help even out your blood sugar levels.

Move your body

Everyone says it because it is true. Exercise is good for your mental health! Do you love moving your body first thing in the morning with some gentle or strengthening yoga? Perhaps a lunch time break for fresh air? How about a simple 5-10 minutes dancing in the kitchen to your favourite songs as you make food? Whatever your joy, do it every day! Little & often goes a long way with movement, doesn’t have to be a big ordeal – try a burst up the stairs instead of a slow pace…

Get support

It’s always a good idea to reach out to friends, family, doctors whatever you feel like you need.

How I can support you
1:1 / Group / In-Person / Online

The first step is yours to take.