Corporate Yoga

Imagine offering your staff something that is warm, welcoming just what they needed!

  • Reduce [or remove] back pain in just 4 classes!
  • Ease RSI
  • Stretch out the aches and pains
  • Strengthen the muscles that need it
  • Move in a mindful, healthy way that heals the body
  • Calm the mind and reduce stress
  • Have access to me for 1:1 questions before or after classes or via email
  • Online
  • Leeds City Centre

I’m a Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Alliance Certified Senior Yoga Teacher with over 4000 hours, and years of in class teaching experience!

:: Here is what you get ::

  • High quality video.
  • High quality audio.
  • Online classes take place via Zoom.
  • Your people can contact me directly with questions or queries.
  • Full terms and conditions available.
  • Information and rules on health and safety, video sharing (or not) for your people.
  • Risk Assessment available on request for online Yoga.
  • Communications written for you to pass on to your people, taking that extra work out of it for you.
  • Attendance and feedback report (pdf) on request.
  • Access to the recordings of the yoga classes too (attendees are not recorded, only me) so they can do the classes on catch up!
  • Top rated yoga teacher in Leeds: #1 of 240 for 3 years running! *Search Leeds in Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher search
  • NHS approved supplier and NHS corporate discount available on request.

People I’ve worked with …