How to harness the power of summer!

Harness the energy of the longest day of the year!

Summer is definitely here! The longest day of the year – The Summer Solstice – was Wednesday 21st June. The energy during the solstice encourages us to soak up every minute, but shouldn’t every day feel that way?

It’s time to embrace this energy to find healing, find your purpose, and make every day your best yet! And if you’re not quite sure how to do that, feel free to book in a discovery call and we’ll talk about it one to one. Discovery calls are ALWAYS free.

Harness the power of summer…

Pause and breathe in the fragrant blooms of the summertime air, feel the sweet sun warming your skin, and wiggle your bare feet (perhaps as they touch the lush earth). If you are reading this then I have a message just for you. You, my dear, have your very own unique charms within you.

Lets envision the two of us soaring through the air. Imagine that we have a greater perspective about our world and our lives from looking at everything from above.

World Building

What do you want to create in your beautiful world?

What dreams do you wish to manifest?

What are you passionate about that you want to bring more of into your life?

You can tap into the radiant daydream powers of summer to create your own world. Hang on, because we’ve got some world building to do! When you take the time to honour who you are, when you are living in that life-affirming, juicy, abundant, balanced state, you will automatically change the world around you and magnetise the very best things that are meant for you.

The enchantment of summer is that the world is abundant and teeming with life. The leaves dance green and vibrant on the branches of the trees. Flowers bloom and bumble bees sing their songs of contentment. Bubbling rivers curve through lush beds of moss.

Harness this radiant power of summer by engaging in world building. What does that mean? Well you are a world builder because you have the ability to envision what you would like to manifest and then take action to turn those dreams into reality!


Dip into actively building and creating your own real life story instead of scrolling through others’ or worrying about the future! You must honour your own self, your story, your time, and your inner balance.

Try journaling, lighting a candle, singing, staring at the clouds – did you know older cultures used to look for meaning and signs in the clouds – think about what you really want to create in your life. Let your imagination wander and simply daydream.


Engage in wonder! Call on your inner child to come and help you. Open your eyes to all the beautiful things surrounding you right now in this very moment. When you shift your focus to the gifts, the good things and the joys it magnifies those things to you.

Summer is a fantastic time to build rituals or start something new – get in touch if you want me to be involved!