How to make the most of your relaxation

Do you enjoy shavasana?
Also called Savasana, Dead man’s pose or Corpse pose

Whatever you call it, it is an essential part of every yoga practice and is usually the last pose we practice. It supports our mental health in so many ways that only a regular practice can show us.

Here are few ways to make your next shavasana your best shavasana ever…

1. Set yourself up!

Get those props and find what feels the best. You could sit yourself up with two blocks under a bolster (especially if you feel like coughing every time you lie down flat). You could use an eye mask so you’re not sqinting. Support the joints with pillows under the knees, elbows and wrists. Create a warm, soft and supportive head nest with a small blanket. Go wild!

2. Let go of expectations…

Have you felt this? Your lay down and meditated with a guide. It is pure bliss – your mind focuses you feel clean and clear and all is good. Fast forward a few days and you lay down – same spot, same kinda time, same kinda mediation. This time your mind is ike an unruly child. It wants to think about nice things, to day dream, it wandered to work and the yoga class. You continuously try to bring it back to the bliss feeling you had a few days ago but that just is not going to happen. How do you feel?

Try thinking of your mind as a small, clever child. A child that needs taking very good care of to flourish. In order to gain the trust of your mind you needed to give it respect, attention, love and patience. Otherwise, it will throw a tantrum and you might end up falling victim to one of its nastier games of anxiety, cruelty or even depression.

3. Know the benefits of the practice to keep you there!

Shavasana has been shown to:

lower high blood pressure,

increase mental clarity and awareness,

relieve muscle tension,

improve your quality of sleep and

improves your digestion.

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