This Quarter Moon Yoga Practice Will Open You to More Luck

First Quarter Moon: Half of the moon is illuminated, forming a clear right-hand semicircle. This is the halfway point between the new moon and the full moon.

It symbolises a time of action, decisions, and commitment. As intentions set during the New Moon begin to manifest, it’s a period to reassess, make adjustments, and move forward with determination.

3 Ways to be More Lucky!

  • Cultivate the skill of creating and noticing opportunities.
  • Listen to your intuition.
  • Grow a resilient attitude that transforms potentially bad situations into good ones.

Cultivating opportunities

One of the best ways we can create more luck in our lives is with our mindset. Did you know, there was a study on luck in the 90’s and it went like this: A group were given a newspaper and asked to count the pictures, the second page said how many pictures were in the whole newspaper – the people who saw themselves as lucky saw that number. The people who saw themselves as unlucky didn’t notice that and spent the time to count every picture. The conclusion was that the ones who thought they were unlucky also felt that common stress and pressure we all feel sometimes which narrows our vision. It stopped them from seeing the answer right in front of them. Now obviously there are a lot of other factors to consider with this specific example but we all know if we’re in a rush or worried we narrow our focus to get the task done – not usually looking for the luck.

Cultivating an open and receptive mind takes time and practice. It’s actually part of my coaching in Balance Your Life, but it starts with just setting those sentinels based on what you want – more opportunities at work, more money, a chance for a holiday, more free time. Whatever it is start with your intention then notice when opportunities arise!

Cultivating Intuition

In the realm of science, intuition is often depicted as “the conduit through which insights beyond our conscious grasp are apprehended by our psychophysiological mechanisms.” It is proposed that the heart plays a role in this phenomenon, as evidenced by fluctuations in heart rate preceding emotional or cognitive responses to stimuli. Amazingly, meditation is a means of amplifying your intuition. Hence, embracing practices that nurture intuition and foster coherence between the heart and brain could pave the way for a life infused with LUCK.

Constantly judging the events that happened to you as negative and unlucky will cause a view on life that is characterised by just that. However, simply reorienting your outlook on something can have a dramatic effect on not only how you perceive things, but also how you choose to act, triggering other lucky attributes such as optimism and creating chance opportunities. It is a vicious cycle that can either work towards your advantage or disadvantage. The choice is yours!

Growing Resilience

You can see the glass as half full or half empty. We know that, but what if you have an empty glass? Then you can see the empty glass as a chance to fill it up with endless possibilities or you can just see the water tap. Growing resilience is about knowing how to bring yourself back to equilibrium after a bad encounter and if there is any way to look at it in a positive light. Like if you got into a fender bender with your car – negatives are endless – positives could be a chance to get a new car, no one was hurt, etc. You need a filling after your dentist check up – positives could be that you won’t be in pain, that you have access to a nice dentist, etc. Taking this a step further – perhaps that fender bender made you miss something worse if you had been on the road longer – the butterfly effect.

When you are more positive and bounce back, opportunities to get something lucky out of the bad can happen – perhaps you asked your dentist to get something else more cosmetic done that’s been bothering you – two birds one stone.

Yoga Poses for Luck

Half Moon Pose
Prasarita Padottanasana
Badha Konasana
Reclined heart opener

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