Your Amazing Human Body

What I find so fascinating and I hope you do too…

So far in our Anatomy Focus Yoga classes on Tuesdays we’ve been covered many areas of the body but what I find so fascinating (and I hope you do to) is the emotional and mental connections around different areas of the body.

We can bust out of old habits with understanding neuroplasticity in the brain and connect that to the yogic idea of samskaras (impressions) – Each time you consciously change your thoughts, and so your actions through active awareness and practice, you affect neural pathways at a synaptic level. Eventually you wear down (in truth you create) a new pathway and that new action or thought pattern you’ve been working so hard on becomes easier and easier. In a class focused on brain health we try fun NEW movements with the body and have NEW challenges to encourage brain growth!

We can learn to express ourselves with love and patience through understanding the bridge between our mind and our body. The neck is the source of our voice; how we share our thoughts and opinions with the people in our lives. When this area of the body is out of balance from holding stress or illness it shows up in our emotional responses. Perhaps we talk more than listen, we get sore throats or feel stuck like nobody is listening to us. By balancing this area we can feel more heard, more seen and even a bit more loved. In a class focused on the neck we take movements to release stress, reduce worry and let go of the tension that causes us pain.

❤️ We can listen to our inner feelings without feeling miserable. When we close off our hearts it can show up in our emotional responses such as holding grudges, being unable to let go, being emotionally unstable, or having the inability to feel love or be loved or even lacking confidence in ourselves. In a class focused on the chest we are exposing or opening our hearts which has a way of making us feel vulnerable. In this case, the main goal of the practice would be to listen to your inner feelings without feeling miserable. Embrace yourself when you are most vulnerable and find within you the courage you need. Gather your inner resources and external support to tune into your needs.

Moving through the body like this gives you such a clear view of how amazing your body truly is!

We can love our bodies – even the squidgy bits. By understanding the muscles in the core and how the abdominals work we can let go of unrealistic expectations of our bodies. Like trying to get ‘washboard abs’ etc. Learning to strengthen the muscles that reduce pain and bring ease into our lives becomes the new goal.

 We can help our bodies remember what they’ve forgotten. Through our knowledge of the nervous system we can understand that our efforts are not for naught. When we try to move an area of the body, such as only one bum cheek, even if it doesn’t happen, we know that every time a signal hits a dead end it pushes a little closer to the next nerve and eventually makes new pathways that will allow us to move just the one bum cheek.

❤️ We can breathe away what no longer serves us. When we forget about the breath, we forget about our easiest connection to our automatic nervous system! The children’s shows that told you to breathe and count to ten when you’re angry were right. Pause when strong emotions hit and concentrate on breathing in a way to activate your relaxation response. Working on the breath can help reduce our stress levels, it can make us feel healthier during exercise, and it can even help us sleep better! If you’re struggling with strong emotions – I’ve got a blog post on that including a recorded meditation.

Love these points?

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If you’re thinking this would be an amazing on demand course – you’re not the only one! Keep an eye out for more info…

See you soon!